Translate from English into pure Russian and Ukrainian OUR PRICES Our service is truly least expensive but Quality for us is paramount! Translate from English into Russian and Ukrainian

for perfect, fast and inexpensive English - Russian and English - Ukrainian translation in any field: business & legal documentation and correspondence, advertising, manuals, Web-sites + promotion, engineering, etc:

Translation $0.03 Per Word, Proofreading $0.01, Web-page $30.00 per page only!

TRANSLATION from English into Russian or Ukrainian costs only $0.03 per word ($8.00 per page or so) – it's incredible low price for quality translation! Your order may be done in 24 hours or even sooner if the text is not too big; it may take some more time for long texts, though. Average productivity is 1500...2000 words per day or so; if you need to get it sooner, let us know. We can share your order among several translators. And remember, please, WE GUARANTEE HIGHEST QUALITY AND GOOD TERMS! Minimal order cost is $30.00.

PROOFREADING, editing, correcting texts translated by someone else in Russian or Ukrainian costs $0.01 per word or less, it depends on quality of primary translation. Our average productivity in proofreading is 5000...8000 words per day, depending on quality of primary translation. Some translators promise or offer faster job but we work examining into details with complete understanding of subject, so we guarantee quality being professional engineers also, not only translators! Minimal order cost in proofreading is $30.00, too.

WEB-SITES: translation from English into Russian or Ukrainian including META TAGS, editing html in AceExpert3.0, submitting to most popular Russian and Ukrainian search engines. All together it costs $30.00 per page or less. It depends on the site/model complexity and volume of translation itself. Approximate productivity is 1-2 pages per day.

How to pay for our service

You can pay our service using your Credit Card, Bank Check, Bank wire transfer, WESTERN UNION, too. Well, if you are about ready to use our service, feel free to contact us right now! To know more about ordering click here, please!

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